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BioLite Bl1 Wood Burning Camp Stove with USB




The exciting new BioLite CampStove is a revolutionary biomass cooker that doesn't burn any gas, white gas, petrol or kerosene; just grass and twigs. The best bit is it charges your electronic gadgets while it does it.

This very clever stove uses dry biomass (twigs, wood, pine cones, paper, grass, leaves etc) and uses the heat produced when burning this to power a tiny electrical generator. The generator then charges a battery, which in turn powers a small fan. This then blasts air into the stove, making whatever you're burning burn super efficiently and with a much, much hotter flame. This means that there is very little smoke, waste gases or CO2 produced and also gives a cooking performance comparable to a gas or petrol cooker. Amazing when you consider you are burning free and sustainable natural matter.

Once up to heat the cooker produces surplus electricity which you can take advantage of by plugging in your smartphone, tablet, iPod etc. You'll get 60 minutes of talktime from a charge of just 20 minute chargetime (Apple Iphone 4s).

  • No need to carry gas or liquid fuel - just pick up some sticks on the trail as you go - no need to carry fuels
  • Uses natural & sustainable fuel source - readily available and totally free - Renewable biomass (twigs, pinecones, wood pellets, etc.)
  • Give you a campfire like experience
  • Green - By using renewable resources for fuel instead of petroleum, you're reducing your carbon footprint. You'll also keep fuel canisters out of the landfill.
  • Charges small electrical gadgets - By converting heat from the fire into usable electricity, our stoves will recharge your phones, lights and other gadgets while you cook dinner. Unlike solar, BioLite
  • CampStove is a true on-demand source
  • Height 8.25 inches
  • Width 5 inches
  • Weight 33 oz (935 grams)
  • Fire Power Output Peak: 3.4 kW (LO), 5.5 kW (HI)
  • USB Power Output Max continuous: 2W @5V, Peak: 4W @5V
  • Compatible Devices Powers most USB-chargeable devices including smartphones.
  • Charging Time iPhone 4S (2G): 20 minutes of charging provides 60 minutes of talk time. Charging times vary by device and by strength of fire.
  • Boil Time 4.5 minutes to boil 1 liter of water. Varies based on strength of fire.
  • Fuel Quantity 1.6oz (46g) of wood to boil 1 L of water

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