FLIR Thermal Imaging

Investing in a new thermal imaging camera is always exciting. New kit and yet another excuse to get outdoors. But we’ve found something to make it even better… getting £500 cash back on your purchase!
With FLIR that is exactly what you can do this month. Buy selected Scout and Scout II models and apply with FLIR for your cash back. See below for the qualifying models and click here to view our range of FLIR thermal cameras.

Save £510 on BTS-X PRO-320
Save £510 on BTS-X PRO-640
Save £510 on TS-X PRO-320
Save £510 on TS-XR PRO-640
Save £80 on Scout II 240
Save £200 on Scout II 320
Save £277 on Scout II 640

In the world of thermal imaging there are some incredibly varied applications. Hunting is an obvious one, and these Scout thermal imaging cameras are ideal for tracking mammals, finding downed animals and keeping an eye out for predators or other members of your group. They are compact, ergonomically designed and really simple to use.
But did you know, other thermal imaging cameras have been used to spot injuries in Olympic horses. Some are used by golfers to keep an eye on their golf balls. Other models are used in fire services as an aerial first response which can see through smoke, help plan water application and monitor officers. Sports brands such as Nike and Columbia have used FLIR thermal imaging to test and promote their temperature regulating clothing.
There are so many uses for thermal imaging and, with applications in the military, recreational use and scientific research, we think it is incredible technology with real benefits in many walks of life.

Purchase your qualifying camera before the 31st of July and apply for your cashback with FLIR at It couldn’t be easier. If it has been over 8 weeks and you have not received your cashback, you can follow up your claim by contacting FLIR at