Snugpak Sleeping Bag

Are you going to be camping this summer? Do you want a lightweight sleeping bags which will pack up to the size of a coconut? Do you want something that won’t make you boil through the night? Something festival ready for when you and 6 of your mates climb into that 3 man tent. Or would you like something suitable for truly tropical climates?


The Snugpak Jungle Sleeping Bag is just the thing.


This lightweight snugpak sleeping bags uses Travelsoft insulation which is known for performing in hot and clammy conditions. The design also lets it be opened up and used as a quilt. This versatility is an added bonus and perfect when you don’t want to be wrapped up but still need bit of a cover.


This bag also comes with a roll away mosquito net which can be zipped over the face. Not all climates will need this kind of protection. But if you're pitching up camp somewhere exotic then protection against mosquitos is a valuable feature. And even here in the UK some defence against biting insects can come in handy.


This Snugpak sleeping bags packs away into fantastically small compressed pack. When fully compressed this pack is only 15 cm x 18cm. And the pack weighs only 950g. That means this small, lightweight pack is an easy to handle addition to your camping gear. On a short summer trip or when pitching camp at a festival, you don’t want to be carrying a bulky sleeping bags around with you. The Snugpak Jungle Sleeping Bags could be your perfect solution.

Snugpak Jungle Sleeping Bag


The Snugpak Jungle sleeping bag is just one of the high-tech and highly popular snugpak sleeping bags in our Snugpak Range. They aren’t all tiny and light insulated, ad no matter what conditions you’ll be encountering, there will be a Snugpak Sleeping bag which is right for you. Click Here to view the full range today.


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