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Energizer TANGO Tactical Helmet Light RGB Sand



Energizer TANGO Tactical Helmet Light RGB Sand


Designed from the outset to survive the rigours of everyday operation by military/law enforcement operatives, the latest variant of the Energizer® Hard Case® Tactical® Helmet Light is the epitome of versatility in an ultra-compact, ultra-lightweight design. Hand-holdable as a flashlight and supplied with 5 mounts that allow attachment to almost anything in the tactical environment – helmet, head, weapon rail, mollé, belt, cap, clothing or vehicle - we do not believe you will find another light currently available that is so versatile. It utilises simple, tactile controls and a simple programming system,so that you can choose High, Medium, Low or Low, Medium, High output modes in the visible spectrum. You can also programme which secondary LED colour you want to have operational at any one time.
  • Red, Green or Blue. You also have the added option of a high output ash mode in each of the visible spectrums
  • The Energizer® Hard Case® Tactical® Helmet Light RGB is IPX7 rated (waterproof for 30 minutes in 1m of water) and has been drop-tested to 3m on hard ground. It features six light sources, four visible and two infrared (IR)
  • Available with Black or Tan bodyshell/mounts
  • 6 light sources, 4 visible (White plus Red, Green or Blue) and 2 night vision compatible (IR + IR IFF)
  • Switchable between high (25m+ range in White), medium and low (close up read/write) intensities in visible spectrum modes - programmable as H-M-L or L-M-H
  • Switchable to flashing mode in each visible spectrum
  • Integrated IR Illuminator and IR IFF beacon (5 output options) with lockout switch
  • Advanced, rugged polymer construction
  • Drop tested to 3m
  • Waterproof to 1 metre for 30 minutes (IPX7)
  • Lockout battery cap
  • Supplied with five mounts - Helmet, Head, Picatinny, Mollé and Cap/ Clip
  • Optional Accessory Rail Connector (ARC) mount
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Its applications can be adapted using an array of mounts
Supplied Mounts
  • An Elasticated Rotatable Head Strap for simple attachment to your head
  • A Rotatable Helmet Mount which allows the light to rotate through 360° in 18° increments and locks into desired position. Mounts to either side of helmet and does not protrude below rim
  • A Picatinny Mount to attach it to a compatible rail
  • A Mollé/Vest Mount with integrated magnets to attach it securely to Mollé webbing or a ferromagnetic metallic surface such as a vehicle
  • A Cap/Clip Mount which attaches to the brim of a cap or to a tactical vest, pocket, epaulette or belt etc. It is also compatible with the Klick Fast/Airwaves system [via an RSTUDBELTCLIP adaptor]
Optional Mounts: An Accessory Rail Connector (ARC) Mount for compatible rails (e.g. Ops-Core) is available as an optional accessory

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