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Fortis HG1A and KR1 Overt Ballistic Vest


Regular Price: £750.00

Special Price £ 610.36


Fortis Overt Ballistic Vest

Regular Price: £750.00

Special Price £ 610.36


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Regular Price: £750.00

Special Price £610.36


Protecting Front Line Staff with Fortis Armour
The threat of attack and physical violence to frontline staff such as security staff, military personnel, customs and immigration officers, police and law enforcement officers, surveillance and intelligence officers and close protection officers has never been greater.

The Fortis Vest reduces the risk of personal injury through its high level of protection, lightweight and easy to wear design.

All Fortis Vests carry UK Home Office and United States National Institute of Justice (NIJ) certification. The armour is manufactured in an ISO 9001:2000 accredited factory.

  • Lightweight, unisex design
  • Offers maximum periods of wear
  • Comfort oriented design for high manoeuvrability
  • Extremely flexible outer cover with special liner giving enhanced body cooling properties
  • Flat vest surface for concealed wear
  • Fully washable cover
  • Replacement and spare covers available for purchase
  • All body armour vests fully guaranteed
Ballistic Body Armour Standard
  • The Fortis Standard Ballistic Body Armour has been certified to HG1A + KR1 standard
  • (HG1 Low Handgun - Protection against standard ammunition fired from short-barrelled handguns.)
  • The unique properties of the Fortis Armoured Vest provide resistance to ballistic, bomb-blast fragments, glass fragments, knife and needle attack; all in a single vest
  • Bullet-, bomb-blast fragments, glass fragments, knife- and spike-resistant in one single fabric
  • Lightest-weight all-in-one-soft armour in the world
  • Area of full protection extends over whole armour, edge to edge
  • Keeps its full armour properties when wet
  • Protection against multiple/automatic fire from sub-machine guns
With Stab Resistance Body Armour Standard, there are three levels of protection described below:
KR1 - the lowest protection level and is tested at a performance level of 24 joules of energy
  • Energy Level E1 (Joules) - 24
  • Maximum Penetration at E1 (mm) - 7
  • Energy Level E2 (Joules) - 36
  • Maximum Penetration at E2 (mm) - 20
KR2 - a medium protection level, tested at a performance level of 33 joules of energy
  • Energy Level E1 (Joules) - 33
  • Maximum Penetration at E1 (mm) - 7
  • Energy Level E2 (Joules) - 50
  • Maximum Penetration at E2 (mm) - 20
KR3 - a high protection level, tested at a performance level of 43 joules of energy
  • Energy Level E1 (Joules) - 43
  • Maximum Penetration at E1 (mm) - 7
  • Energy Level E2 (Joules) - 65
  • Maximum Penetration at E2 (mm) - 20
Additional information regarding the body armour and threat groupings available here

Further Details: The Material
  • The material is an advanced composite of ultra-high-tensile fibres and thermoplastic resin that has outstanding toughness and durability. The method of manufacture of the composite is heat-compaction. The resulting composite is covered by a worldwide patent
  • The composite is a thin flexible sheet material of impregnated textile, supplied as a raw material to manufacturers of body armour. The material is cut into pattern shapes and assembled in pluralities of layers in an outer cover with adjustable shoulder and waist fastenings and worn as a body armour ‘vest’
Heat Management
  • The wearing of any body armour cannot be described as comfortable. In order to minimise heat retention and improve overall wearability, the Fortis armour design incorporates a number of key features
  • The carriers comprise a technical wicking mesh and spacer fabric. This spacer fabric has been specially selected to optimise and increase the air flow between the skin and the body armour and therefore transport heat and sweat away from the wearer
MIKB and CS Resistance
  • The material used in the armour is impregnated with a resin which has outstanding resistance to physical and chemical attack, including oxidizers, plasticizers and stress crack agents. It also is highly resistant to permeation by liquids. The material has undergone extensive laboratory tests for resistance to a wide range of chemicals such as Methyl Isobutyl Ketone & Orthochlorobenzylidene Malononitrile
Guarantee (Warranty)
Fortis warrants, subject to the Conditions below, that the Products described below will have an operational life from the date of manufacture for a period of years as follows:
  • Armour packs - 5 years
  • Carriers (Body armour carriers) - 2 years
The Conditions
This Warranty is made conditional upon the user of the Products having:
  • Taken proper care in the handling and storage of the Products
  • Made proper use of the Products
  • Complied with all care & maintenance instructions regarding use and/or wear of the Products
  • Notification of the full details of any claim and return of any faulty Product within 1 month of the fault occurring
Exclusion Deterioration due to damage to the Products through trauma is excluded from the Warranty.

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