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Nightsearcher MegaSolaris Portable Rechargeable LED Floodlight



Nightsearcher MegaSolaris Portable Rechargeable LED Floodlight 14K 24 Ah


Product Description
  • The SOLARIS MEGASTAR LED 14K 24 Ah is designed for temporary flodlighting large areas such as sporting applications; eight units will illuminate a 60 x 40m area ideal for training and coaching.
  • This can be easily set up in under 2 minutes and used anywhere.
  • The lightweight aluminium tripod has double extending safety locking pins.
  • The tripod locks into the powerpack utilising the weight of the powerpack to give stability to the light tripod.
  • Lightweight, easy to carry/transport & stor. Quick and easy to asemble and of robust weatherproof construction, also suitable for emergency services, military and construction sites.

Full Specification
  • Battery:12V 24Ah SLA
  • Run Time:44h | 12h | 4h | 2h
  • Light Output:1000 | 3500| 6000 | 14000
  • Charge Time:7h
  • Product Weight (kg, head):2.4
  • Product Weight (kg, case):10.4
  • Product Weight (kg, tripod):4.5
  • Boxed Weight (kg):17.3
  • Product Size (mm, head):L300 x D58 x H248
  • Product Size (mm, case):L225 x D200 x H100
  • Product Size (mm, tripod):H: 1500 - 3500
  • Boxed Size (mm):L150 x D150 x H1500
  • Head/Case:L350 x D310 x H330
  • Tripod:L1500 x D150 x H150

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Brand Nightsearcher

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