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BioLite NanoGrid Compact Lighting System



BioLite NanoGrid Compact Lighting System


  • PowerLight: 2.22” x 5.27” x 1.15” (5.6cm x 13.4cm x 2.9cm)
Site Light
  • 2.55” x 2.09” x 2.55” (6.5cm x 5.3cm x 6.5cm) (coupled)
  • 2.55” x 1.06” x 2.55: (6.5cm x 2.7cm x 6.5cm) (single)
  • PowerLight: 7.4oz (210g)
  • SiteLight: 1.9oz (55g)
  • PowerLight: 250 Lm torch, 200 Lm lantern
  • SiteLight: 150 Lm per light
Burn Time
  • PowerLight: Low - upto 72h | High - upto 6.5h
  • SiteLight: Low - upto 36h | High - upto 8h
Light Range
  • PowerLight: Lantern - upto 10m | Torch - upto 100m
  • SiteLight: upto 3m
  • PowerLight: USB charge out, 2.5mm connector
  • SiteLight: 2.5mm connector
  • Battery: 4400mAh lithium-ion, 16 Wh storage
Cord Length
  • SiteLight: 10ft per light
In the Box: BioLite PowerLight, BioLite SiteLight, USB cable and instructions

Additional Features
  • Edge-Lit 200 Lumen Lantern - Patented texture provides warm even light with no hotspots
  • Quick Light Button - Easy-on for low to no-light conditions
  • 250 Lumen Torch - Powerful flashlight mode for wayfinding
  • USB Out with 4400 mAh Battery - Refill up to 3 smartphones. Battery indicator included for easy-read charge levels
  • SiteLight Hub - Daisy-chains up to 4 SiteLights for full NanoGrid lighting system
  • Micro-USB Rechargeable - Forget external batteries and recharge from your wall, car or computer
  • 360 Degree S-Hook - Hang on closed loops or angle from any directions with custom friction hold design
  • 10 Foot Reach - 10ft cord per SiteLight. Fully contained with easy wrapping management system
  • Directable and Dimmable - Angle lights as needed and dim to desired levels via PowerLight hub
  • Chaining System - Connect up to 4 SiteLights for 40ft of overhead off-grid lighting

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