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True Utility TU283 3-LED Compact MicroLite Key Ring Torch



True Utility CashStash - Waterproof Aluminium Key Ring Capsule with CashClip TU241


It makes sense to always keep a torch nearby, but it makes even more sense to keep a torch on your key ring. Sleekly designed and engineered the True Utility Compact MicroLite is nothing like your standard torch. It is the torch that you can always keep on you and always trust to be the brightest possible white light whenever you may need it. Its sleek chrome casing may look beautiful but it is much more than just a pretty case, made from toughened aircraft grade machined aluminium finished in stylish chrome. This tough casing is designed to make sure your flashlight is durable enough to last you through many different situations youll need it to face with you.

It is also made to be water resistant making sure you dont need to worry about it if things get a little bit wet. This durable casing holds an amazing 3 bright white LED lights for an amazing beam that shines brighter than you could think ever possible all from the included 4 lithium batteries. This True Utility product is now packed in a weatherproof Hard Case which has been designed to be perfect for storing all the items you want to keep safe. Measuring just 120mm long, you can fit in the things you need whilst still fitting it in your pocket. Most mobile phones fit allowing you piece of mind when you are out exploring or on the beach.

Money and matches will remain dry in this splashproof container. Personal cameras, credit cards, and most GPS systems will also fit neatly inside. Made from 1.8mm thick the plastic container is strong enough to withstand your travels whilst being thin enough to not get in the way. Weighing only 59g it wont hold you down or be considered an extra weight amongst your kit. The black clip is designed to easy to open with just one hand quickly and efficiently so you can get your belongings out whenever you need them. Please note: this container is not waterproof but it is most definitely sandproof, splashproof, weatherproof, windproof and snowproof. Perfect for all of your outdoor needs.

  • Toughened aircraft grade machined Aluminium finished in chrome silver or matt black
  • LED bulb brightness - over 18000 mcd/5 lumens each (3 bulbs)
  • Output 0.22 Watt each - Input 60 MA silicon chip
  • Water resistant
  • 4 x Lithium Batteries included

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Brand True Utility

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