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Yukon Advanced Optics Sentinel Tactical 3x60 L Night Vision Weapon Scope



Yukon Advanced Optics Sentinel Tactical 3x60 L Night Vision Weapon Scope


The Yukon Sentinel Tactical 2.5x50 L and 3x60 L have been developed with the knowledge and experience gained with the massively successful NVRS series of night vision weapon scopes. These L models feature an eyesafe laser IR illuminator which give increased detection ranges to both models.

As with all Yukon night vision weapon scopes and unlike many competitors models, the high grade Gen 1 image intensifier is controlled by a completely silent power supply, to avoid alerting the quarry of your presence.

The sculpted rubber eyecup is shaped to reduce the green glow of the intensifier tube on the users face whilst shielding intrusion from outside light sources and also rotates to make it suitable for left or right eye use. Micro operational status LEDs positioned close to the eyepiece illuminate green and red depending on active modes and alert the user should the device accidently be switched/left on.

The internal objective focus mechanism is adjusted by means of a heavily ribbed and raised dial on the right of the main housing that is easy to locate and grip and the eyepiece focus/dioptre adjustment is broad and grooved for the same reasons.

Both Sentinel Tactical models feature a variable brightness illuminated Dragunov sniper type reticle that is ultra-fine and accurate. The reticle colour is user switchable between red or green by means of a small raised dome switch on the bodyshell.

The internal windage and elevation adjustments, the main power/IR switch and the reticle brightness control dial are all conveniently placed to the right of the eyepiece and can be operated wearing gloves and in complete darkness.

A built-in focusable (spot to flood) laser IR illuminator is also integrated into the right side of the scope providing enhanced viewing when the target is in shadow, very low light or complete darkness. Again, the focus control is broad and contoured to aid quick location and ease of use.

A detachable remote paddle switch with secure threaded connector is included and can be located on the stock or fore-grip of the weapon, enabling the user to activate the power and/or laser IR illuminator without removing their hands from the weapon.

The Sentinel Tactical weapon scopes are powered by two AA 1.5v Alkaline/Lithium batteries (not included) with the battery compartment mounted vertically to reduce the possibility of a battery disconnect under heavy recoil and a quick release battery cap to aid battery changes in the field.

A tactical Weaver rail is fitted to the left side of the incredibly robust Titanium main bodyshell for the benefit of attaching optional accessories such as high power IR illuminators.

The fully multi-coated objective lenses have high light transmission and balance good light gathering capabilities while maintaining a compact profile. The rubberised protective objective lens caps can be removed quickly and silently and are tethered to avoid the cap getting lost or dangling caps obscuring the view.

An optional 1.7x Lens Converter (available separately) which boosts the magnification from 2.5x to 4.3x is compatible with the Sentinel Tactical 2.5x50 L only.

All scopes are individually serial numbered and come supplied with a functional and stylish padded protective carry case that can be used even when the scopes are fitted to a weapon.

  • Titanium Main Bodyshell
  • 3.0x Magnification
  • 11° Field of View
  • 220m Detection Range
  • Internal windage and elevation adjustmens
  • Sculpted rubber eyecup
  • Micro operational status LEDs
  • Built in focusable (Spot to Flood) laser IR illuminator
  • Detachable remote paddle switch with secure threaded connector
  • Quick release battery cap
  • Tactical weaver rail fitted to robust titanium bodyshell
  • Fully multi-coated objective lenses
  • Retained lens cap
  • Comes with padded protective carrycase
  • Powered by 2AA 1.5v Alkaline/Lithium batteries (not included)

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