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Advanced Handcuff Key Extra Long



Advanced Handcuff Key Extra Long


The AHK3-XL is the world's most advanced handcuff key designed for law enforcement officers worldwide.

Developed by a former British Police Officer and subject matter expert for governmental, diplomatic, law enforcement, intelligence and special operations personnel that are prone to abduction, kidnap, restraint and detention, during conditions of armed conflict, civil unrest or operations other than war.

The design is based on the latest generation of Advanced Handcuff Key to not only work with common handcuffs but also counter the security features found on high security handcuffs with key blocking blade, large keyway pin, deep set keyhole etc.)

The AHK3-XL has a full depth slit in the key flag to counter the stainless steel security plate on ASP High Security handcuffs. It also operates handcuffs that have a bent pin in the keyway (common with handcuffs that have been used for escape training) that would otherwise block a standard handcuff key.

The AHK3-XL is more than just one handcuff key.

Unlike common universal handcuff keys it will operate the following handcuffs:
  • ASP
  • TCH
  • UZI
  • YUIL
The AHK3-XL item will fit inside the Go-Tube, DCT and PLAN B.

Applying excessive force will result in damage to the tip of the AHK3-XL. Only a little pressure is required to operate handcuffs with a key - never force a key to turn! Check to see if the double-lock has been apllied by turning the key in the opposite direction. When using the AHK3-XL we recommend that for some handcuffs you use it to 'pick and sweep' the lock, taking care to feel for the movement of the working parts whilst gently rocking, tilting and altering the depth.

It's heavy weight key (27g) so dropping the key onto a hard surface may result in damage to the tip of the key. Always use the shock-cord strap (supplied as standard) to secure the key on your wrist when in use.

The AHK3-XL is also available with an optional Quick Detach Tether (QDT) that features shock-cord and a breakaway safety connector so you can attach to your person and disconnect in an emergency or hand the key to other personnel.

Precision engineered and made in England.

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Brand Oscar Delta

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