Lowa Boots

Lowa Boots are made to the strict and detailed specifications of the German army with many Lowa Boots using Gore-tex material. The Lowa Boots have padded and cushioned linings with achilles flex panels plus the padded collars and tongues allow the lower limb muscles to function effectively without undue strain, whilst the Lowa Boots Climate Control System is designed to allow the pumping effect generated by walking/running, Lowa Boots also drive out the water vapour through air permeable padding materials and ventilation openings around the edge of the uppers. Lowa Boots were created for military, hiking and climbing over all terrains. With their great attention to details Lowa Boots have been a leading brand since 1923. Being 100% hand crafted in Europe assures us of the quality they provide. Lowa Boots are built under the European Union's most stringent environmental, labour and manufacturing regulations. From start to finish, Lowa Boots provide quality that is guaranteed. Lowa Boots are also the only manufacturer, worldwide, to be granted ISO 9001 status for the highest quality construction and process standards. Lowa Boots also provide great ranges of outdoor Lowa Boots. Make sure you pick up a pair of Lowa Boots from Polimil today and enjoy the quality Lowa Boots provide.