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OLight X6 Marauder Rechargeable Torch



OLight X6 Marauder Rechargeable Torch


  • Uses 6 world-class super bright Cree XM-L LEDs
  • Power Directly with AC 110V and AC 220V electric supply
  • Split -battery design perfectly Integrates high demands of heat dissipation
The Olight X6 Marauder is a new breed of rechargeable searchlight / high output illuminator , Which surpasses HID technology Because You get the benefits of a whopping 5000 lumens output without the bulk , weight and activation delay That You get with many HID lights . It's not too heavy and not too big . It's a technological triumph !

There are 3 main modes ( low, medium & high ) and an extremely powerful strobe mode. Ergonomically designed, all modes are controlled with a single button That sits perfectly below your thumb as you grip the handle very comfortable.

The X6 uses 6 Cree XM-L LEDs to generate and throw ITS 5000 lumens over a massive range of 640 meters , Which Means it's effective for Search & Rescue applications , lamping / spotting and perfect for illuminating large areas. The X6 can be fixed to a tripod and stationary used to lit a big , wide area - the ability to run off a mains power supply makes it great for longer available blackberries in an application where permanent lighting sources is required. The X6 Has Been designed and engineered to dissipate heat quickly and efficiently using a combination of aluminum , rubber and carbon fiber. Over- heating is not an issue!

In order to keep the hand -held weight down , the X6 uses a separate rechargeable battery pack, Which comes with a very sturdy and wide belt clip. The battery pack includes a power indicator , so you'll know when you finish are low . To recharge , you simply plug in the charger provided. The X6 Also comes with a strong and comfortable shoulder strap and the Entire kit is packed into a quality , protective flight case.
  • LED Type 6 x CREE XM-L LEDs
  • Battery Rechargeable Lithium Battery Pack Configuration
  • Dimensions 165mm/6.5 " (L) 120mm/4.72 " (D)
  • 1065g/37.56oz Weight (with Battery Pack)
  • LED Type: CREE XM-L LEDs 6
  • 1.1VDC , 5200mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Function : Low -Med -High- Strobe.Simple UI - use side switch to cycle through modes When On When Off , side switch is for fast access to strobe. That Automatic memory remembers the last function - this Gives instant access to your preferred mode
  • Switch: Tail forward clicky switch for On / Momentary On / Off Side switch for mode selection and strobe instant
  • Performance: Advanced digital power management Provides the best smooth beam and even brightness During the battery lifetime
  • Protection : Reverse polarity protection circuit protects against incorrect insertion of batteries.Sealed with O-rings for excellent water resistance and improved service life
  • Dimension: 120mm (D) x 165mm (L)
  • Weight: 1065g ( Flashlight )
  • Finish : Rugged indestructible body with HA Type III ANODISING
  • Reflector : Orange peel to Provided for smooth , flawless beam
  • Lens: Anti - shattering ultra clear lens , anti- scratching and anti -slip
  • Mil- spec : MIL -STD- 810F

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