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Fast Track Counter Kidnap Custody Kit 4.0



Fast Track Counter Kidnap Custody Kit 4.0


This is the latest FT-CCK developed for individuals that are prone to capture.

With training, skills and knowledge the FT-CCK4.0 contains essential tools for dealing with various methods of restraint and captivity.

  • Technora Escape Necklace installed with AHK3, Uber Gulag Shim 2.0, R Clip, Micro Light Stick and Micro Striker Bead Tungsten Carbide
  • Uber Gulag Shim 3.0 with AHK3 + R Clip (spare, can be carried inside Plan B)
  • PLAN B 3.0 installed with the following...
  • Uber Gulag Shim 2.0 + 120lb Stainless Steel Split Ring
  • SAD Tool 3.0
  • T200 High Speed Friction Saw
  • Micro Striker Bead Tungsten Carbide installed on shock-cord waist IWB Strap
  • 1 x 4hr green Micro Light Stick
  • Darby Tube
  • Optimised Hair-Grip
  • Supplied in a clear zip pouch (can be used for passport and boarding pass)
  • The FT-CCK4.0 also includes the GTFO Wrist Strap to facilitate emergency vehicle egress via side or rear windows in confined spaces
  • The material of the projectile is also used in armour-piercing ammunition and only a small amount is required to destroy tempered glass
  • So don't be surprised by its small size, just a single strike directed from the wrist strap is enough to break glass!
  • To deploy simply remove wrist strap, place around thumb and forefinger, pull back on the projectile and release...
  • Slide the knots for a custom fit - not too tight, not too loose...just right!

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Brand Oscar Delta

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